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We’re proud to be up there with the top
e-learning companies

Today, we’re one of the most widely experienced companies in the e-learning industry. What’s more, BYG is positioned among the top e-learning companies in the UK and Europe, with clients based all over the world.

Let us show you why…

A safe pair of hands

When it comes to e-learning, we’ve been around the block. We’ve successfully delivered over 4,000 projects in the 30 years we’ve been providing software and e-learning services.

We’re also really proud to be trusted long-term partners to high profile clients with a global presence. Our experience means that we’d love to work with you, whether you’re a seasoned L&D professional or new to the game. Whatever you need and whatever your history, we’ve got the know-how to get the job done.

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Go digital

You may have heard the term ‘digital transformation’ uttered across meeting rooms and L&D hangouts around your workplace, and your observations are not wrong. In today’s corporate climate, there is an ever-increasing demand for digital solutions to training problems, and we’re here to help you on this transformational journey.

A problem shared is a problem halved

We’re interested in finding out what’s challenging your organisation and sharing our expertise, ideas and experience with you to find a solution together.

You name it: we’ve made it

We’ve spent a third of a century coming up with pioneering ways to ride the wave of digital transformation across a multitude of industries. In fact, we’ve developed just about every training tool imaginable: e-learning modules, bespoke learning software, learning management systems, authoring tools, digital marketing pieces, communication assets, learning games and virtual environments.

Using innovation and creativity we’ve the breadth of experience and expertise that give us the edge and we want you to benefit from it. Any requirement you may have, we are confident we can offer you the right learning solution that is tailored to exactly what you need.

So, what’s our story?

Thirty years in the business is a long time, especially for a software company. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but you can bet that we’ve only been around so long because we’ve evolved, listened to our clients and delivered exceptional products.

Explore our timeline to see where we began, where we are, and where we plan on going.


Robotics & Manufacturing

BYG Systems started life in 1983 as a software house, nestled in Nottingham University’s Science Park. Our trio of directors got down to the business of making a name for the company in the robotics and manufacturing industry. It wasn’t long before we were developing cutting-edge 3D simulation systems for major clients and research Universities.


Gathering momentum
By the mid-1980s we were working flat-out to produce exciting technology, attending conferences and shows to demonstrate our robotics and simulation software.


By 1989, we’d evolved and diversified into new media, developing and supplying authoring tools to create Computer Based Training. With our talented pool of staff and willingness to change with the world, we expanded into providing educational services: our first foray into e-learning as it is known today.


Forward thinking
Continued growth in the 1990s resulted in major projects in Governmental, Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Telecommunications sectors. Our unique blend of experience of strong learning design, software, simulation and 3D virtual reality allowed us to craft solutions in learning and assessment, which other companies were unable to do.

Old habits…
Whilst we spend most of our day producing exciting blends of e-learning, we still keep a toe in the robotics industry, with clients based in UK and US. In fact, you can still check out our robotics simulations today.


Top 5
Today we’re one of the most widely experienced companies in the e-learning market. What’s more is that we are positioned amongst the top 5 e-learning companies in the UK and Europe, with clients based all over the world.

Global reach
We travel all over Mainlaind Europe (and beyond) to meet our clients and build great relationships that result in exciting learning projects. Our range of learning solutions for clients have been deployed to complex, global technical infrastructures and delivered in over 30 languages to date. We pay special attention to reflecting the diversity of global learner audiences as well as tailoring all learning to specific target audiences. And of course we support our clients with software and maintenance packages to ensure learning stays up to date and fully functional at all times.

From our humble beginnings we have grown a great deal, now employing almost 100 staff across various departments and we are still expanding. Together we strive to produce the best possible solutions we can think of. This dedication is rewarded by happy customers as well as awards. Get in touch and together we could create the next award-winning learning solution!

Active R&D programmes
We know that innovation, creativity and forward-thinking are staples of any successful learning company and we have always focused on these qualities during our company history, changing with the market and often being the catalyst for change ourselves. We want to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions and technology that accommodate today’s demand of flexible, robust and globalised learning. Why not check out our Insights page for more details on what we are researching for you at the moment?


Looking ahead
Where do we see ourselves in the future? Simple: wherever you need us to be. We challenge ourselves to always become better, innovate and evolve so we can anticipate our clients’ needs and then meet them better than anyone else.

Challenge accepted
They say a problem shared is a problem halved. We’re interested in finding out what’s challenging your organisation and sharing our expertise, ideas and experience with you to find a solution together.

our solutions