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About e-learning

Nowadays, e-learning comes in all shapes and sizes, designed and developed to meet a variety of learning needs.

The e-learning buzz

We’ve been creating top notch solutions across just about every e-learning sector you can think of, for over 30 years.

If you haven’t heard of e-learning yet, where have you been?

Whether you’re looking for ways to give employees control over their own learning experiences, reach an area of the business you’ve been struggling to connect with or you’re simply looking for a cost-effective way to educate your workforce that doesn’t bore them to tears. e-learning might just be your answer.

e-learning buzz
Message To Send

Got a message to send?

We’ve been the go-to for a number of clients that need a helping hand to launch huge, high end global initiatives that stand the test of time.

Our expert Learning Designers are well versed in creative and engaging e-learning programmes designed to build awareness, generate understanding, support practical application and validate knowledge.

Couple this with attractive and exciting animations, teaser trailers, offline resources and learning nudges and we can help to create the culture change you’ve been striving for. On the other hand…

Being squeezed?

New legislation and regulations? Tight deadlines?

Let us take the pressure off. At BYG, we’re great at developing rapid e-learning solutions: our flexible development process can be condensed to a matter of weeks if our clients have an urgent training need.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality e-learning solutions within the timescales and budgets that businesses need.


Experts in our field

With so much experience under our belts, our teams have plenty of knowledge about what makes great e-learning.

For one thing, we believe that the best place to start is by putting ourselves in the learner’s shoes and asking ourselves what it is that needs to be understood. After this, we set about getting a solid grasp of your learning objectives, before finding a way to connect with the audience on an emotional level.

What comes next is the result of some collaboration, innovation and tried and tested implementation, ensuring our e-learning solutions reach your learners on a global scale. Take a look at our e-learning solutions section to see what you could be deploying next.