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e-learning resources

Learning is a complex art, in fact there is very rarely just one answer to a problem. Over the years we’ve found that blends of courses and further e-learning resources is often the way to go to ensure you’ve met every learners’ needs. Whether you need something to support an ongoing initiative, or some rapid e-learning resources to address an urgent need, there’s something for everyone.


In an era when many of us have smartphones and a spare ten minutes to dip in to a subject, we believe podcasts can be a great asset to a learning blend. As learners ourselves, we know that not everyone learns in the same way. This is why adding e-learning resources that utilise auditory methods (as well as visual and kinaesthetic methods) to your toolkit is a smart idea.

Allow your learners to listen to learning materials whenever they like. Great for clarifying tricky areas of content or acting as a quick refresher, we’ve got the technology and the experience to produce the most effective and memorable podcasts around.



Whether it’s reworking presentations or creating new ones altogether, our team of Instructional Designers and Scriptwriters are used to getting up close and personal with learning content.

e-learning resources don’t have to be accessed online, in fact we often produce supporting solutions using classroom materials and PowerPoint presentations.

This familiarity means that we’re also really good at turning our hand to content collation. We collate PowerPoint decks, as well as scripting training notes for our clients, using our experiences with e-learning resources to help them conduct classroom training as part of a blended learning solution.

Resource packs

Resource packs can make a trainer’s job a whole lot easier, and make material far more accessible for learners.

BYG believe in helping our clients carry learning beyond the computer and into learner’s everyday lives – after all, practical application is where it counts.

With this in mind, we help our clients to create learning workbooks and mentoring guides, as well as a collation of useful exercises.

Resource Packs