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Careers DOODLE-stairs

Talented people are at the heart of us

As a growing company we’re always looking for passionate, creative and dedicated people to join our team. If you’re bursting with ideas and energy and are willing to give 100%, then we might have something available for you.

What We Offer

Structured career paths

At BYG Systems, whether you’ve got years of experience or you’re new to the e-learning industry, you’ll enjoy a structured career path. Continued professional development plans and frequent reviews will allow you to rise through the ranks in the direction that suits you best.

We believe in getting stuck in to work and gaining hands-on experience, which is why all our new staff are paired with a mentor to support them from the word go.

Great work/life balance

We appreciate how many waking hours are spent in the office, which is why we think it’s really important to enjoy your working environment. As well as a variety of shift patterns and flexible working opportunities, we place lots of emphasis on events to look forward to throughout the month: company BBQs, annual parties, lunch-time walks and charity bake sales are all imagined and organised by our events committee.


You deserve to be recognised for your hard work and extra effort, which is why we run staff awards. Are you ‘cool as a cucumber’ under pressure? Are you a great ‘knowledge sharer’, helping your colleagues to upskill? Join us to have the opportunity to nominate a deserving colleague, as well bagging a prize for yourself.

Excellent location

We think Nottingham is a great location to work in: a compact city with a whole host of parks and open spaces, a thriving city centre and plenty of history and heritage, too. We love being near Nottingham University campus with great transport services, and count ourselves lucky to enjoy spending lunch in the beautiful grounds of the University Park, complete with cafes, art galleries and a boating lake.


Just a bunch of faceless, nameless office drones? Of course we’re not! We’re as human as you and nothing gets us more excited than cake in the office. It was your birthday last week? You just fancied a treat with the 4pm tea round? Brilliant! What did you bake us..? Check out the vacancies below to get a slice of the action.


Get in touch with us


Feel free to send your CV to jobs@bygsystems.com and we’ll see if we can match your skill and experience to a vacancy.