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There’s a lot we can do with animations. From teasers and learning bites, to full scale educational tools, animations can be totally tailored to your need.

Upgrade your

Whether you’re looking to open an initiative with a highly impactful introduction or create an engaging start to an e-learning course, animations give you the space to bring key messages and ideas to life in a concise, visual way that resonates with learners.

Also great for facts and figures, animations are one way to bring otherwise boring content bang up to date – coupling photography, typography, iconography, illustration (or just about anything else you can think of) into a short, snappy asset designed to excite and engage a modern audience.

Not all animations are created equal. We really stretch the legs of every learning format and have found plenty of room for animations among more formal, informational learning. We’ve created bespoke animations to support understanding of processes or illustrate complex equipment and difficult concepts, adding variety to longer, more complex learning experiences.


Whatever your style

Animations can even be made interactive, creating a unique blend of learning techniques that allow our audiences to drive their own immersive experience.

Our talented writers and animators can produce a variety of approaches and styles, matching your brand and hitting exactly the right tone. An engaging, flexible and memorable resource, it’s no wonder so many of our long-standing clients make full use of animations in their learning blends.

Great for digital communications too, why not share your animations on your intranet, email, as well as TV screens within your office to make sure you get the maximum benefit out of a solution as fun as this?