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e-learning products

In addition to exploring different methods and approaches for traditional e-learning, we partner with our clients to develop a range of innovative e-learning products.

Your product, your way

e-Learning products can be used for a wealth of learning needs and come with the flexibility to customise, host and use them as you wish.

Let’s start with e-learning platforms. We’ve designed complex trackers to help L&D teams keep note of project progress, identify gaps and monitor success. Our Launch & Track platform was created to give our clients insight into what works and what doesn’t, measuring just how far ‘learning’ manages to penetrate a business. One of our most intelligent e-learning products built on custom reports and intricate tracking.

What about our Brain Trainer? Currently under construction, stay tuned for some new and approved features on our highly successful gamified assessment engine. Brain Trainer is a great example of e-learning products flexed to their full potential; avatars, points, leader boards, social features – this one has it all.

e-learning products

In all shapes and sizes

We’ve seen more and more interest in our interactive eZines, a popular e-learning product built on the principles of print. Layers of information, bespoke page by page layouts, high quality glossy imagery and embedded media elements.

eZines help our clients deliver an explorable, immersive solution that gives learners full control of their experience.

Looking for something less ‘virtual’? Our e-learning resources cover everything from podcasts to presentations to guides for face to face trainers.