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e-learning simulations

Ever wished you could simulate a real-life environment, system or product on a computer? Thought so, so did we – this is why we started playing around with e-learning simulations.

Next level learning

At BYG, we’re always on the lookout for new solutions and ideas to offer our clients, which is why we’ve spent years honing our skills in order to create high quality e-learning simulations that really push the boundaries of online learning.

Proud to be pioneers in this unique area, we’ve been creating e-learning simulations for a variety of clients that span across multiple business sectors. Just like our other offerings, e-learning simulations can be built to varying levels of sophistication.

From simply allowing learners to work through a system one step at a time, to recreating replicas of complex products for leaners to interact with and respond to, e-learning simulations offer multi-dimensional learning.

Next Level Learning


We find that e-learning simulations are invaluable for practical skill building and can even be used to recreate real-life assessment environments.

Great for addressing high profile skills that learners really cannot afford to get wrong, e-learning simulations bring entire processes to life in a highly visual way, providing an opportunity for learners to develop their skills in a safe environment before they’re let loose in the real world.

Virtual environments

We’ve taken e-learning simulations to the next level by creating fully fledged virtual environments for our clients to explore.

Virtual environments are immersive and engaging and are great for maintaining learner engagement over a long period of time. Explorable, exciting and appealing to a sense of adventure and discovery, virtual environments are the perfect solution for independent learners.

We think virtual environments are great fun. In fact, we enjoy creating them so much that our team have produced some award-winning learning solutions based in virtual environments.

virtual environments