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Custom LMS

An LMS is a Learning Management System which allows your learners to access online training in the same way they might access an email system, using a username and password.

Your LMS, your way

Here, learners can access courses they need to complete; administrators can find out who’s completed the training, in what time, and the score they achieved (for example).

You can use a general LMS for your training courses, but a custom LMS will allow you to brand the portal so it’s consistent with your organisation’s themes and colours.

You’ve put a lot of work into sourcing high quality content and creating great resources that reflect your learners’ and your business’ needs. Why not reflect this approach in your LMS itself? A custom LMS gives you the freedom to improve your learners’ experience even further, by crafting a portal that is truly unique to your organisation.

LMS02-bespoke LMS
Custom LMS

Making the most of your data

When we say custom LMS we’re talking customisation that’s more than just skin deep. We can create a custom LMS, tailored to your precise administrative needs too, reviewing all the necessary learner summaries in the level of detail you require.

A custom LMS gives you the ability to access modules, access reports, assign tasks, add new learners and access a support function, if you need it. We’d love to hear from you if you have a requirement in mind.