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Learning management software

At BYG, we’re proud to boast a highly experienced technical team, so not only do we focus on producing innovative and engaging e-learning, but our learning management software is some of the best around.

Peek behind the curtain

We’ve got tons of experience creating custom LMSs for our global clientele, all tailored to their unique needs. Combining attractive front-end interfaces with a focus on user experience, and sound capability behind the scenes, our learning management software skills have helped clients solve a multitude of learning problems.

Creating bespoke learning management software gives your learners easy access to resources such as e-learning modules, animations, PDFs, documents and assessments all in one place. We’ve even honed our capability to make these resources available offline; meaning we can help you reach your learners anywhere, anytime.

Learning management software offers complex analytical reporting based on criteria such as: resource access, learner progress and results, averages and much, much more. In fact, this reporting criteria can be customised to reflect our clients’ unique needs.


Customisation is king

We take our learning management software to the next level by offering our clients rich customisation that spans every inch of our products.

Experts in branding and design, our learning management software is carefully curated into an attractive and engaging reflection of your business, meaning no two of our products are the same. We even throw in custom features, allowing our clients to really get the most out of our learning management software.

Need a product fully translated? No problem, we work with clients all over the world and have tried and tested processes for ensuring our learning management software is translated to the highest quality. We make it our mission to reach our clients’ audience, wherever they are.

The perfect host

Want full ownership over your learning management software? We gladly hand over our expertly crafted products to clients to be hosted on their servers, giving them full control.

Keeping our clients in mind, we’ve honed the administration tools to ensure an enhanced user experience for learners and administrators alike. Need a helping hand? We can host your learning management software on our server, whatever you chose, we’ve got a proven track record for successful deployment and continue to offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Get in touch to see what learning management software can do for you.