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Micro e-learning

It’s kind of a big deal.

A fresh alternative

Mammoth training programmes got you down? Cue micro e-learning, traditional e-learnings short and snappy cousin, here to get the job done in half the time.

It’s no surprise that the rule of ‘little and often’ has proved itself to be golden when dealing with any sort of learning. Repeated and deliberate consumption of new knowledge is becoming widely acknowledged for its importance in effective learning. From concert pianists to world-class linguists, they’ll all tell you the same thing. When it comes to perfection, it’s all about practice, which is why there is so much excitement around ‘micro e-learning’.

What is it, you ask? Micro e-learning is exactly what it sounds like – it’s e-learning… but small. It breaks down lengthy, potentially mundane topics (which formerly may have made up hours of e-learning content) and repackages them into snappy, memorable, and digestible segments. These can be in the form of short exercises, videos, visuals and presentations, immediately followed by knowledge checks with instant feedback.

Modern learning challenges and trends are evolving faster than ever, we’re seeing a huge demand for micro e-learning bites that appeal to time poor audiences, presented in accessible ways that simply make learners lives easier.


Micro e-learning, maximum success

We’ve had huge success with our micro e-learning programmes made up of multiple short courses, media and resources aimed at appealing to just-in-time learners.

We’ve even used this trend to inspire our longer courses, implementing key ideas around information access, interaction and retention to create micro e-learning inspired courses split into short 10-minute modules. In the spirit of micro e-learning, these modules are expertly crafted and technically tweaked so learners can dip in and out, as and when they need.

Micro e-learning is one way that we (and you) can ensure learners are empowered to access information on the go, grappling with each key message or section as they chose, a technique that will improve their ability to retain knowledge and is actually believed to offer better long-term results. Everyone’s a winner!