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e-learning apps

e-learning has branched out into just about every format imaginable, and now we’re seeing a huge increase in the need for e-learning apps.

Empower your learners

We’re pretty experienced in creating e-learning apps for a multitude of different needs, including our hugely successful Mentor Match app designed to connect employees and encourage collaborative, group learning in the workplace and beyond.

If you’re looking to impart new messages across your business such as visons or values, e-learning apps are a great way to ensure your employees are living these every day, by giving them a quick and easy way to access information, undertake activities or share thoughts with colleagues.

If it’s culture change you’re looking for, e-learning apps might just be the answer.

mentor match

Back it up

Our tech savvy team of experts are there to ensure our e-learning apps don’t just look great but all the background stuff is top notch too.

Our e-learning apps can be made for IOS and android and come equipped with offline functionality to ensure your employees still have access to all that great stuff on the go.

We’re also data collection experts, so you can rest easy knowing that our e-learning apps will provide you with all those insights necessary for monitoring learners progress, collecting feedback and more. Better get downloading.