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We've spent a third of a century developing every training tool imaginable: e-learning modules, bespoke learning software, learning management systems, authoring tools, digital marketing pieces, communication assets, learning games and virtual environments. Using innovation and creativity we've the breadth of experience and expertise that give us the edge and we want you to benefit from it. Any requirement you may have, we are confident we can offer you the right learning solution that is tailored exactly to what you need.

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e-Learning is our thing. Whether it's a tailor-made course for a global audience, a mobile friendly tool or rapid solution, we know how to do it and do it well.

Instructional Design

With so much experience under our belts, our Instructional Designers and Scriptwriters have plenty of knowledge about different aspects of good quality instructional design. For one thing, we believe that the best place to start is by putting ourselves in the learner's shoes and asking ourselves what it is that needs to be understood. After this, we set about getting a solid grasp of your learning objectives, before finding a way to connect with the audience on an emotional level.

We've created complex blends of e-learning for our clients in a wide range of subject areas and industry sectors. What's more, we're able to do it on a global scale, offering great prices for translation services. Visit our experience section to see just how much we can do for you.


At BYG, we have enough experience to know that a one-size-fits-all-approach doesn't cut it. Instead, we go out of our way to understand your learning goals and business needs to ensure you get the most for your money. We like getting in to the nitty gritty of what our clients need and are always happy to offer the wisdom we've acquired from thirty years in the field.

Combining specific requirements with our imagination, innovation and excellent instructional design, we are able to deliver bespoke learning solutions, offering a measurable benefit to any business.

Not all learning is created equal...

Our training materials are flexible resources. Need your learning to display well on mobile? No problem. Need it to function on a company-issued tablet? Sure thing.

With a history in producing specialist technology and software, we've got a great handle on responsive design. We know that modern learners are a tech-savvy bunch, so we understand our clients' need for technically robust solutions which work on many devices.

On the go, on demand

Can you remember the last time you didn't have your mobile phone to hand? Mobile learning is a flexible, modern and useful way of providing training to large audience, giving learners the freedom to up skill when they want, where they want.

With a great deal of experience creating bespoke apps and mobile-friendly learning solutions, we're able to provide learners with access to information at their fingertips.

Being squeezed?

New legislation and regulations? Tight deadlines? Let us take the pressure off. At BYG, we're great at developing rapid solutions: our flexible development process can be condensed to a matter of weeks if our clients have an urgent training need. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality learning solutions within the timescales and budgets businesses need.

Authoring tools

Authoring tools are the bits of technology that allow us to develop and test the learning we make, and we've been creating them as well as using them for a very long time. We use industry-standard authoring tools such as Lectora and Storyline for clients who require such, and for those who don't have a preference, we use our own authoring environment.

We've created a courseware development environment to produce your e-learning, giving us full control to develop products efficiently and robustly. With your contributions and reviews, we can quickly and easily make the changes you want. With no 'lock in', we can easily output industry standard code.



With our roots in software development, we are strong all-rounders in developing learning technology. This makes us perfectly positioned to meet challenging learning requirements, as well as complicated technical needs, too.


We understand that it can be difficult trying to oversee the development of a project involving lots of people in lots of different places. Our solution? eTracker.

eTracker is bespoke software designed to track the development of learning materials, supporting L&D departments and project managers. Our eTracker can be adapted to any project you have in mind, highlighting the deadlines and utilising a traffic light system to show which projects are on track and which are delayed.

Personalised and customisable, eTracker allows you to keep tabs on your tasks with far more flexibility and intuitiveness than standard off-the-shelf solutions.

Plot your own path

Your problem: "We've grown so much that we think it's more efficient for our staff to be given more responsibility for their own career progression...but we're not sure how to do this."

Our solution: our Career Development tools. We've created five tools for individuals wanting to track their own career path. These tools allow learners to input previous and current roles they've held, as well as the skills they've acquired along the way. Are they moving upwards? Sideways? What gaps do they have and what skills and experience will they need to satisfy them?

Give learners the power to control their own future in a company, retaining a productive and satisfied workforce. Why not contact us for a demonstration and further details?

Data repositories

We know that trying to get everyone up to speed in the learning and development industry is no mean feat, which is why we've created bespoke data repositories to lighten the administrative load for learning and development departments.

Hold documents, learning materials and training tools in one central database. Make full use of easy-to-understand version control and allow your trainers to download the newest material whenever they need to, ensuring everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Our data repository software means that any business can pull together all the material they need from all over the world, making sure that the standard of learning is the highest and most consistent it could possibly be.


SPIRA is a revolutionary 3D process mapping tool designed to let you record, interpret and present data in an interactive, understandable way. Get up close and personal with information your organisation needs to visualise.

We really flexed our software-building muscles when we developed SPIRA with a UK Government department, producing a piece of software that can be operated with zero specialist knowledge. In fact, we created a step-by-step 'how to' for every function this powerful tool offers, so that our clients can maximise the most use from it.

If you'd like to learn more about SPIRA or arrange a demonstration, we'd love to hear from you.

LMS & Portals

What's going on behind the scenes? Launch and track systems and portals provide a way of handling your learning content (and all the associated admin). Keep an eye on registrations, scores, tracking and reporting.

Launch & Track

A great learning solution will only get you so far – what about measuring how far the learning has penetrated through the business? Which divisions have done well, and which regions still have knowledge gaps? To tackle these issues we have taken the time to develop our launch and track tools.

We believe in supporting learning and development departments when hosting and launching your learning initiatives. We create technology to produce customised reports with special tracking so that our clients can see what's working and what's not. With our ability to host a small, large, short term or long term solutions, a business can collect, track and record all the vital information it needs for their learning initiatives.

Bespoke LMS

An LMS is a learning management system which allows your learners to access online training in the same way they might access an email system, using a username and password. Here, learners can access courses they need to complete; administrators can find out who's completed the training, in what time, and the score they achieved (for example).

You can use a general LMS for your training courses, but bespoke LMS's will allow you to brand the portal so it's consistent with your organisation's themes and colours.

We can help you tailor an LMS to your precise needs, reviewing all the necessary learner summaries in the level of detail you require. Access modules, access reports, assign tasks, add new learners and access a support function, if you need it. We'd love to hear from you if you have a requirement in mind.

Moodle & Totara

Whilst we're strong advocates of our own bespoke LMS's and Launch and Track tools (obviously – we know they're great quality!) we're also used to working with clients who have their own LMS's, or use ones such as Moodle.

As a result, our experienced Technical Specialists have had plenty of practice building technically robust and secure learning solutions to integrate with systems like Moodle. We've also created solutions designed to operate within Totara, a custom distribution of Moodle used in the corporate sector. Why not get in touch if you have any questions about the standards we can build to?

Learning portals

Do you have the right learning tools and materials to offer learners? Perhaps you have the right resources, but they're located, er...where, exactly?

The solution: a learning portal. At BYG, we recognise the value of learning portals as part of larger initiatives. We help our clients give a face and a place to the training materials they've worked hard to bring in to their business by creating an entry point for materials which are in some way connected to each other.

Our learning portals allow the storage of connected educational apps, resources and tools in a centralised location so learners can access relevant materials at a drop of a hat.

Assessment engines

We know that assessments are the cornerstone of all training, and are often necessary to audit compliance training, but they don't have to be as dull or daunting as you might imagine.

Consider our approach to assessments: we've spent a long time developing award winning assessment engines to provide an accurate, reflective impression of a learner's understanding. Providing in-depth tracking, feedback, as well as reports for administrators, you can keep tabs on who's making the grade and who's not.

Want to make it more fun? So do we! We're currently working with global clients to 'gamify' their assessment engines. Styled to look and feel like a game, our assessment engines can be designed to test a learner in a way that hardly feels like work at all.

Digital marketing & communications

Communicate your learning solutions in a way that generates excitement. At BYG, we know how challenging it can be to get learners on board which is why we think it's really important to support our clients in any way we can. We've conceptualised, designed and produced bespoke marketing campaigns for a number of businesses, using our in-house expertise to create teaser trailer animations, branded emails, newsletters, videos and hard-copy materials such as calendars, placemats and stickers.


Our combination of excellent technical talent and creativity means that we're great at producing interactive and intuitive websites for your learning needs.

Working closely with our clients, we enjoy producing bespoke intranet and internet pages so that you can hold all your materials for your learning campaign in one place. Add to your materials in the future, access them from anywhere and satisfy the need for on demand learning.


Still enjoy the odd magazine with a coffee? We do too, so much so that we thought it would be a great idea to create eZines (interactive magazines) for your learners.

Exploratory, engaging and a little less 'formal' than some other learning tools: we think they're a great way of getting your learners up to speed in a way that feels a bit more relaxed than traditional e-learning. Make learning more fun with high-end illustrations and storylines whilst you flick through the pages.

Best used for people, communication, management and soft skills, eZines might be the right solution for you. Why not get in touch to discuss your options?


There's a lot we can do with animations. From teasers and learning bites, to full scale educational tools, animations can be totally tailored to your need.

Our talented writers and animators can produce a variety of approaches and styles, matching your brand and hitting exactly the right tone. An engaging, flexible and memorable resource, it's no wonder so many of our long-standing clients make full use of animations in their learning blends.

Why not share your animations on intranet, email and e-learning, as well as TV screens within your office to make sure you get the maximum benefit out of a solution as fun as this?


As a company, we began life as a software house developing 3D simulation systems for robotics and manufacturing. It will come as no surprise to you that 3D, with its different forms, techniques and applications, is a medium which we are very familiar with.

At BYG, we're really proud to have 3D specialists on the team. Our award winning learning solutions can feature anything from engaging 3D graphics in our e-learning to full 3D virtual learning environments and simulations.

This means we're ahead of the game in producing modern, cutting edge and memorable learning solutions.


We're big believers in mixing things up when it comes to learning, which is why we're strong advocates of using video footage in learning solutions. Whether you have existing video content that needs a little clipping to make the most out of, or require a full bespoke video shoot, we can find creative ways of making sure your learners understand and recall exactly what they need to. We often hire actors, write the scripts, film and edit the footage to provide our clients with effective and unforgettable learning solutions.

E-mail campaigns

Picture this: you've poured time, effort and money in to creating a brilliant learning solution. But none of your staff know about it.

What's the solution? A sophisticated, engaging and exciting branded e-mail campaign to spread the word. However much technology changes, we all communicate most frequently through e-mail in the workplace, wherever we are in the world.

Which got us thinking: why not make more use of e-mail, promoting learning solutions to generate and maintain awareness and engagement? We've been writing and designing e-mail campaigns for our clients for some time now, generating excitement within a workforce before, during and after the launch of learning initiatives.

Games & simulations

Gaming is big news in the e-learning industry. Gamification is a major trend, and we're thrilled that more and more of our clients are asking us to help them get on board. Not just for kids, serious gaming can be the most effective way of capturing your learners' attention, and keeping it.


Serious gaming (as opposed to recreational gaming) is something worth getting excited about. We conceptualise, design and create game-based learning solutions to entice and excite your audience.

If you fancy dipping your toe in, we can create simple gaming elements, such as individual game-style activities, with points and rewards to excite your leaners. If you're feeling bolder, take advantage of our full scale game environments featuring leader boards, live competitions and assessment engines to generate real competition and enthusiasm for your subject.

We've been winning awards for our learning games and would love to show you what we can do.


Ever wished you could simulate a real life environment, system or product on a computer? Thought so – this is why we think good quality simulations are a great idea.

We find that simulations are really useful for practical skill building and assessments, as well as real-life assessment environments. Simulations bring an entire process to life in a highly visual way, providing an opportunity for learners to develop their skills in a safe environment before they're let loose in the world.

Virtual environments

Virtual environments are immersive and engaging and are great for maintaining learner engagement over a long period of time. Explorable, exciting and appealing to a sense of adventure and discovery, virtual environments are the perfect solution for independent learners.

We think virtual environments are great fun. In fact, we enjoy creating them so much that our team have produced some award winning learning solutions based in virtual environments.

Learning resources

We think there's great value in blended learning – especially when individuals are using the right combination of resources.


In an era when many of us have smartphones and a spare ten minutes to dip in to a subject, we believe podcasts can be a great asset to a learning blend. As learners ourselves, we know that not everyone learns in the same way. This is why adding auditory methods (as well as visual and kinaesthetic methods) to your toolkit is a smart idea.

Allow your learners to listen to learning materials whenever they like. Great for clarifying tricky areas of content or acting as a quick refresher, we've got the technology and the experience to produce the most effective and memorable podcasts around.

Resource packs

Resource packs can make a trainer's job a whole lot easier, and make material far more accessible for learners.

BYG believe in helping our clients carry learning beyond the computer and into learner's everyday lives – after all, practical application is where it counts.

With this in mind, we help our clients to create learning workbooks and mentoring guides, as well as a collation of useful exercises.

Whiteboard activities

Want to maximise the potential from your e-learning and enhance the effectiveness of your classroom training? Well, it's said that we learn best from doing, which is why believe in giving learners the opportunity to get hands-on with whiteboard activities.

Whatever your requirement, we can produce standalone learning assets to introduce a subject, test an understanding or simply satisfy a learner looking for a little more interactivity in the way they learn.

Depending on the material and your requirement, we can even convert elements from your e-learning, allowing you to carry themes, characters and designs across from your e-learning to create an exciting curriculum. If you'd like a little more information, get in touch and we'll talk you through some possibilities.


Whether it's reworking presentations or creating new ones altogether, our team of Instructional Designers and Scriptwriters are used to getting up close and personal with learning content.

We often produce learning solutions using classroom materials and PowerPoint presentations, and this familiarity means that we're also really good at turning our hand to content collation. We collate PowerPoint decks, as well as scripting training notes for our clients so that they can conduct classroom training as part of a blended learning solution.