What We Do - BYG Systems
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We give you more!

As well as many types of e-learning we offer specialist products that go above and beyond.

We offer a wide range of innovative and creative digital learning solutions that go beyond a “one size fits all” approach and make it out mission to get to know your business and your learners so that your solutions are truly tailored to your needs.

Got something specific in mind, or want to see a demonstration?
Get in touch and we’d be happy to get you up to speed.



e-learning is our thing. Whether it’s a tailor-made course for a global audience, a mobile friendly tool or rapid solution, we know how to do it and do it well.


Software development

With our roots in software development, we are strong all-rounders in developing learning technology. This makes us perfectly positioned to meet challenging learning requirements, as well as complicated technical needs, too.

e-learning portals

What’s going on behind the scenes? Launch and track systems and portals provide a way of handling your learning content (and all the associated admin). Keep an eye on registrations, scores, tracking and reporting.


Digital communications

Communicate your learning solutions in a way that generates excitement. At BYG, we know how challenging it can be to get learners on board which is why we think it’s really important to support our clients in any way we can.

We’ve conceptualised, designed and produced bespoke marketing campaigns for a number of businesses, using our in-house expertise to create teaser trailer animations, branded emails, newsletters, videos and hard-copy materials such as calendars, placemats and stickers.


Gaming is big news in the e-learning industry. Gamification is a major trend, and we’re thrilled that more and more of our clients are asking us to help them get on board. Not just for kids, serious gaming can be the most effective way of capturing your learners’ attention, and keeping it.


Learning resources

We think there’s great value in blended learning – especially when individuals are using the right combination of resources.