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e-learning portals

Do you have the right learning tools and materials to offer learners? Perhaps you have the right resources, but they’re located, er… where, exactly?

The solution: e-learning portals

At BYG, we recognise the value of e-learning portals as part of larger initiatives. We help our clients give a face and a place to the training materials they’ve worked hard to bring in to their business by creating an entry point for materials which are in some way connected to each other.

Our e-learning portals allow the storage of connected educational apps, resources and tools in a centralised location so learners can access relevant materials at a drop of a hat.

elearning portal
moodle & totara

Moodle & Totara

Whilst we’re strong advocates of our own bespoke LMS’s and Launch and Track tools (obviously – we know they’re great quality!) we’re also used to working with clients who have their own LMS’s, or use well known e-learning portals already such as Moodle.

As a result, our experienced Technical Specialists have had plenty of practice building technically robust and secure learning solutions to integrate with e-learning portals like Moodle.

We’ve also created solutions designed to operate within Totara, a custom distribution of Moodle used in the corporate sector. Why not get in touch if you have any questions about the standards we can build to?