3D production - BYG Systems
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3D production

As a company, we began life as a software house developing 3D learning simulation systems for robotics and manufacturing.

Specialist skills

It will come as no surprise to you that 3D production, with its different forms, techniques and applications, is a medium which we are very familiar with. At BYG, we’re really proud to have 3D production specialists on the team and make sure that we keep them well supplied with a variety of exciting projects.

We’ve leveraged 3D production to enhance our award winning learning solutions countless times, featuring anything from engaging 3D graphics in our e-learning to full 3D virtual learning environments and simulations.

We’ve even applied our innovative 3D production process to our work with animations, challenging our internal teams to push the boundaries of what we can do.


One step ahead

This means we’re ahead of the game in producing modern, cutting edge and memorable learning solutions.

Whether you’re looking to use 3D production to create explorable, interactive representations or recreate complex products that offer learners a 360⁰ view of both visible and internal elements, we’ve got the know how and the driving passion to create something incredible.

Get in touch to find out what our 3D production team can do for you.