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e-learning software

BYG Systems started life all the way back in 1983 as a software house, so we’re always looking for ways to head back to our roots and create e-learning software solutions to solve our clients L&D problems.

The right tools

Need a place to host your never-ending stream of learning resources? Want to create an attractive, user friendly hub for learners to access material as and when they need? What about ongoing support and analytics for your learning programmes?

Using bespoke, intelligent software for e-learning initiatives gives you all of this and more and we’ve got tonnes of experience creating software solutions, such as e-learning portals, deployed to technical infrastructures all over the world.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to leverage our highly skilled technical department, creating a multitude of e-learning software tailored to clients’ unique needs across the globe. Not just limited to portals, our e-learning software solutions includes bespoke assessment engines, data repositories, career development pathways and even revolutionary 3D process mapping tools.


In your back pocket

Never one to be left behind, our e-learning apps ensure your learners have access to content on the go in a format that’s familiar to them. Great for embedding values or supporting culture change, this e-learning software allows our clients to keep up with their modern learners’ day to day.

Sound a little complex? We’re also experts in developing SharePoint sites for e-learning, a streamlined e-learning software solution built with administrators in mind, completely tailored to your branding and needs.

There is so much that e-learning software can do for your solutions and your business, let us show you your options.