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Blended e-learning

Whether you’re looking for a blended e-learning solution grounded in the traditional, or something for the more digitally savvy, we can do it all.

Sit back, relax

Having been in the business for over thirty years, we’ve been around the block a few times.

We’ve witnessed many changes in our industry, learning and growing with our clients to stay on top. We’ve created complex blends of e-learning for our clients in a wide range of subject areas and industry sectors. What’s more, we’re able to do it on a global scale, offering great prices for translation services.

When our clients called for blended e-learning built on a mix of face to face training and online digital solutions, we answered. We’ve successfully launched multiple blended e-learning programmes in this way, sending our experienced staff all over the world to deliver training in a variety of workshops, presentations and discovery sessions.

Back this up with engaging online resources and voila! A blended e-learning programme targeting multiple learner preferences, providing salient business insights and creating an all-round collaborative learning experience.

blended e-learning

Looking ahead

Nowadays, most of our clients are interested in ways of utilising blended e-learning that generate both cost and time savings. Ways that cut the need for large group sessions that require hours of planning, facilitation and attendance by equally time poor learners.

Blended e-learning doesn’t have to be built on often passive and let’s face it, tiresome face to face sessions. In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in blended e-learning consisting of back to back digital solutions, in various formats.

Our approach to blended e-learning is grounded in our ‘Modern Mix’ philosophy: working tirelessly to understand the unique needs of our clients and learners and crafting digital solutions to match and meet those needs. We’ve created countless innovative and creative blended e-learning programmes that mix animation, video, courses, resources and more. Something for everyone!