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e-learning platforms

So, you already know the ins and outs of an LMS; learners can access training by logging in and administrators can track all kinds of data in relation to what they’re up to. The trouble with LMSs though, they have a habit of growing to huge sizes that often can feel clunky or outdated.

Enter, e-learning platforms

Built on the same principles; easy access to learning resources and data tracking capabilities, e-learning platforms offer a condensed, tailored approach to hosting solutions.

Great for managers that need to create reports, specific business areas that want to break away from that big ol’ LMS or just an opportunity to create something different, e-learning platforms offer a solution to a multitude of learning needs, take a look at the ones we’re working on…

e-learning platforms


We understand that it can be difficult trying to oversee the development of a project involving lots of people in lots of different places. Our solution? eTracker.

eTracker is a bespoke e-learning platform designed to track the development of learning materials, supporting L&D departments and project managers. Our eTracker can be adapted to any project you have in mind, highlighting the deadlines and utilising a traffic light system to show which projects are on track and which are delayed.

Personalised and customisable, eTracker allows you to keep tabs on your tasks with far more flexibility and intuitiveness than standard off-the-shelf solutions, a truly bespoke e-learning platform tailored to your needs.

launch and track

Launch & Track

A great learning solution will only get you so far – what about measuring how far the learning has penetrated through the business? Which divisions have done well, and which regions still have knowledge gaps? To tackle these issues, we have taken the time to develop complex e-learning platforms in the form of our launch and track tools.

We believe in supporting learning and development departments when hosting and launching your learning initiatives. We create technology to produce customised reports with special tracking so that our e-learning platforms let clients see what’s working and what’s not.

With our ability to host small, large, short-term or long-term solutions, a business can collect, track and record all the vital information it needs for their learning initiatives.

Brain Trainer

Want an e-Learning platform that does more? Our Brain Trainer majors as a bespoke assessment engine with elements of gaming and social activities. We’re talking customisable avatars, quick fire quizzes, points, prizes, upgrades and more. Our next generation e-learning platform also includes a competitive leader board, giving you and your learners an exciting way to monitor progress.

Motivate your learners and inspire a buzz around your new e-learning platform by having them compete for top spot. Learners can challenge their colleagues and team members to improve their performance, or push themselves to improve their high score through a spot of healthy competition.

This all-in-one e-learning platform recently won an award with the Chartered Institute for Professional Development, and has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of our client’s training, so much so that Brain Trainer is set to take off across the business. Want to take a look?

brain teaser