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e-learning sectors

We’ve created best-in-class custom solutions across a broad range of business areas and e-learning sectors.

A trusted partner

That includes working with clients from everything from Finance to Retail, Pharma to Automotive and FMCGs all the way to Government Institutions.

Our time in the industry has equipped us to work with just about anyone. Using our experience to help determine what approach best suits what e-learning or business sector, we’re able to produce a variety of solutions suitable for every need and every budget.

Take a look at the various e-learning sectors below, recognise a gap in your business? Reach out, let’s fill it.

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Induction & onboarding

Ever judged a book by its cover?

We have, and we know that many new recruits to a business do the same. At BYG, we believe that a new hire’s first impression of a company’s learning and development programme plays a big part in their decision to stay.

Arguably one of the leading e-learning sectors, Induction and Onboarding is a prime target for high quality solutions that deliver clear messages. We think it’s important that a new hire’s induction experience sets the right tone for their future with your company.

Helping new recruits to feel like they’re welcome, productive and valued, right from the beginning is crucial. We drill down in to a company’s ethos and values to help our clients communicate the right message to their freshest staff.


Compliance & policy

Tied up with red tape?

Let’s check in with one of the more ‘serious’ e-learning sectors. We’re aware how much regulation our clients face every day. We also know how much pressure companies are under to demonstrate compliance to auditors and external stakeholders.

But, compliance e-learning doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

We believe that compliance training needs to be elevated beyond a simple ‘box ticking’ exercise if it’s going to be effective. Interactivity and relevance is crucial, ensuring learners are motivated and equipped to behave in the right way.

Clear, concise presentation with frequent real world scenarios ensure that key points are recalled and understood, as well as top-quality graphics to show your learners what ‘best practice’ looks like in reality.

I.T. & systems training

Practice makes perfect

Training people to make the most of new or existing software, or even use it correctly, can be a real challenge for our clients. This is one of the e-learning sectors that needs some serious up-front leg work.

Our solution? We get right to the heart of the system – what’s the business benefit of using it properly? How can it benefit the learner? What tools does the learner need to overcome realistic challenges?

We address all these factors in a safe test environment, replicating your system to allow learners to develop their skills and confidence through practice and watching examples of best practice, so you can be sure your workflows and processes are being correctly followed.

i t systems
sales-skills-&-product knowledge

Sales skills & product knowledge


If your team believe in your product, so can your customers.

How are you going to achieve this? Well, we know that in order to sell, you’re going to need to know what you’re on about, as well as acquiring the skills to communicate and present effectively. Like our solutions for other e-learning sectors, our sales skills and product knowledge solutions are created with a specific goal in mind: enabling your sales team to feel knowledgeable, confident and genuinely enthusiastic about doing their job.

We often incorporate elements of competition and gaming to make sure learners walk away from their training knowing your product inside out and back to front, giving them confidence to go out in to the market place.

Leadership skills

Big shoes to fill

Our management and leadership learning solutions recognise how complex a role as a manager is, and how flexible managers need to be.

It can be a tricky: can you make yourself available to your team as well as delegating fairly? Are you thinking about wider commercial implications whilst portioning everyone’s time effectively?
One of the trickier e-learning sectors to crack; we think it’s important our learning solutions are as flexible and multi-faceted as your managers are.

We believe in practical hints and tips, scenario-based activities so learners can conquer challenges in a safe environment, and on-demand learning so that your staff can dip in and out of training when they get a spare moment.


Awareness, mind-set & cultural change

Changing a leopard’s spots

Altering a workforce’s attitude is up there amongst the most challenging issues a company can face. As e-learning sectors go, we’ve had a lot of experience in this one. We know that our learning solutions in this area must stress the benefits of a change to the learner, as well as to the business.

Stronger still is the need for showing how new behaviours are relevant, as well as giving learners the tools to evaluate and modify their own behaviour and mind-set.

It’s only once you’ve cracked this that your staff can take practical steps to affecting real cultural change. Learning modules like these go hand in hand with our digital and communications solutions – tackling behaviours from every angle.

Communication & soft skills

Don’t get lost in translation

One of more common e-learning sectors, we’ve done lots of work in the area of soft skills and communication, helping staff in major organisations to listen and converse with customers actively and effectively.

With a strong focus on behaviour and subtitles such as tone of voice and body language, we understand the need for your learners to practice new skills.

We recommend simulations, scenarios and branching activities so your learners can try it on for size in a safe environment, demonstrating best practice and positive behaviours.


Any requirement

Where there’s a will there’s a way

We’ve been in the business a very long time . If there’s a topic, we’ve probably taught it. If there’s an industry, we’ve probably collaborated with a client operating in it.

If we haven’t? Well, we’re always on the lookout for new challenges and e-learning sectors to breach and would love the opportunity to source Subject Matter Experts so we can meet your needs and provide you with the perfect solution.

Go on, challenge us.