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What are e-learning solutions?

We could spend hours telling you all about the plethora of formats, tools and products that fall under the umbrella of e-learning solutions.

Mix it up

We offer a diverse range of innovative and creative digital learning solutions that go beyond a ‘one size fits all’ approach and make it our mission to get to know your business and your learners so that your e-learning solutions are truly tailored to your needs.

Take a look below for a taste of the kind of stuff we can do for you.

Got an idea you want to discuss? Get in touch and let’s find the e-learning solutions to your problems.



We are experts in creating interactive and engaging e-learning courses.

Our solutions come in a whole load of variations of sophistication and media, including fully-responsive mobile learning solutions.

Whether you’re launching a new campaign, have a sophisticated learning programme you need designed, developed and implemented or you’re looking for a shorter micro-learning approach, we’ve got your back.

Animations and video

Speaking of micro-learning, what better way of reaching your employees than a quick and easy animation or video.

These attractive and impactful e-learning solutions are a great resource that can be uploaded to platforms or deployed on their own, helping you to convey messages in a way that learners are sure to connect with.

Video content is quickly becoming the go-to all over the world, why not design your e-learning solutions in ways that reflect how your audiences access content in their everyday lives? Whether you’re into illustration, situational, interactive or talking head styles we’ve got the experience to help you out.



Print is not dead! We’ve seen a huge increase in e-zine style e-learning solutions in the past few years and there’s no sign of that momentum slowing down.

These glossy courses bring the informality and fun of browsing through your favourite magazines and apply them to informational learning.

We’re talking layers of information and high impact imagery that give learners full control of their experience. Let’s create your next page turner.

Learning simulations

Experienced a crisis situation that could have been avoided? Need to upskill your employees on a particular product or process? Want to create a safe space to practice chatting with customers? You might be looking for a simulation.

We’ve been creating 3D, video led and scenario-based simulation learning for years.

These e-learning solutions use carefully constructed learner journeys to give employees a truly immersive experience, focussing on practical application of knowledge that stays with them long after they’ve switched off their machine. Simulation fosters deeper learning with increased retention and real business impacts.

brain teaser

Game based solutions

Gamification is a bit of a buzzword in the industry at the moment, but we’re not newcomers to this exciting sector.

In fact, we’ve won awards for our game-based e-learning solutions – check out our Brain Trainer, a gamified assessment engine using avatars, competitive leader boards and more to inspire real change among our audience.

What’s more we’re always working on exciting updates to our game-based e-learning solutions to make sure you’ve got the most up to date ‘thing’ on the market, watch this space!

Software solutions

Need more than a standalone course?

In addition to our other e-learning solutions BYG also has expertise in producing bespoke software to support learning initiatives, provide a home for resources or a hub for all things L&D.

In fact, having started out as a software company – this is kind of our thing. Get in touch and let’s create something together.


And more…

If none of that sounds like what you’re looking for then fear not!

There’s so much more we can do for just about any budget including interactive PDF resources, learning nudges and branded emails, digital assets for face to face training, hard copy materials or digital comms.

With e-Learning solutions the possibilities are endless – let’s do this!